Oslo Opera House. Photo: Wikipedia Commons License
Oslo, Norway
29 Jun 2023

Delegates Assembly 2024 will be arranged in Oslo - with a one full day seminar


Ole Hansen, chair of CTIF Norway, speaking at Delegates Assembly 2018 in Las Vegas, USA.
Ole Hansen, chair of CTIF Norway, speaking at Delegates Assembly 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. 

The Chair of CTIF Norway announced on Delegates Assembly in Vienna last week that next year´s DA will be in Oslo on June 19-20, with a seminar portion also opened for all participants.

The seminar day at DA 2024 will be mostly covering national topics, but might also touch on topics like the earlier CTIF seminars "Fire, Rescue and New Challenges"  in Brussels 2018 and Ostrava 2019. 

The seminar will be held in English language and will be Open for all Fire and Rescue Services.  

"We are working hard to make this a great experience for delegates, commission members, and also our members here in Norway", says CTIF Norway chair Ole Hansen, who has much experience arranging national seminars within his own national committee. He was also a big part of arranging CTIF Delegates Assembly in Bergen, Norway, already in 2011.

Delegates Assembly is mostly for voting national representatives. For all others who are involved in CTIF´s commissions, working groups or other aspects of CTIF,  there will be a one day seminar on just a day before DA. All will be welcome to sign up for it, on similar terms as in Brussels and Ostrava - however,  some  of the seats will be reserved for Norwegian CTF member participants, so international registration will be somewhat limited.

Seminar:                         Wednesday June 19

Delegates Assembly:    Thursday, June 20

CTIF is planning to stream Delegate´s Assembly for virtual / hybrid participants, like we have since 2020.

CTIF Norway has negotiated reasonable prices with a hotel / conference center in downtown Oslo, and if today´s Norwegian prices /exchange rates are similar next year, the fees for DA and lodging will be comparable, or less, compared to  a similar event on the European continent.


More information and registration is projected to be published in February of 2024. 

CTIF Norway chair Ole Hansen served as vice president on the CTIF Executive Committee 2015 - 2023, and is also a member of the CTIF Commission for Firefighting at Airports.

Oslo Opera House. Photo: Wikipedia Commons License. Photo by Helge Høifødt.