Photo: Wikipedia.  A firefighter for the Air National Guard
Vienna, Austria
18 Sep 2018

CTIF Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue: The 14th Meeting in Vienna in November


Logo CTIF Commission for Women in Fire & RescueMembers of the CTIF Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue are kindly invited to the 14th Meeting of the Women in Fire Service and Rescue Service in Vienna.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

- Approval of the minutes of meeting in Fairfax

- Report on the survey for the member states

Collecting good examples on  Leadership

- Communications - Developing new ways and tools to communicate out about the Commission work and inside the Commission

 - Information about the election for the Chairperson, Vice chairperson and the secretary for the Commission in spring 2019

Cover Photo: Wikipedia.  A firefighter for the Air National Guard


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The meeting will be held from November 27th till 28th 2018.

- Monday, 26th November 2018 arrival in the afternoon/ evening.

- Tuesday,  27th November 2018 meeting, day 1

- Wednesday,  23 th 2018 meeting, day 2; Departure after the meeting


Viktoria Zechmeister from Vienna Fire department is hosting our meeting. 15 rooms are reserved for us from Hotel Tigra (address: 1010 Wien, Tiefer Graben 14-20).

The costs for the rooms:

Standard double room – single use with breakfast buffet 112 € per night per room

Standard double room – double occupancy with breakfast buffet 149 € per night per room

The last date before the contingent ends: the 31st of October 2018

The meeting will be held in the Central Fire Station, which is just behind the hotel. 

If  you need any advice on the transportation from the airport to the hotel, please contact Viktoria (viktoria.zechmeister@wien.gv.at). The hotel is located to Old town are in Vienna, which is easily reachable with public transport and taxi.

All participants are asked to book their flights and make the hotel reservation as soon as possible and do their registration for the meeting.

If you have any questions or would like to have more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All participants are kindly asked to register with Mrs Mira Leinonen (mirafoni112@gmail.com) or Mrs Mona Hjortzberg(mona.hjortzberg@kommunal.se) just with simple e-mail registration.

The deadline for registration is November 2nd 2018.

We look forward seeing you in Vienna!