The Italian CBRN team on mission in Beirut in August 2020.
12 Apr 2021

Stefania Fiore tops April 22 Seminar speaker list with Beirut CBRN mission during Covid-19 pandemic


The 2020 ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut is the largest explosion involving fertilizer in a city center during recent decades. The rescue response mission was both dangerous and complicated - On April 22, hear Chief Stefania Fiore from Italy speak about their CBRN efforts during the immediate aftermath of the blast. 

The Italian CBRN response occurred during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, which added an extra layer of complexity to the operation Beirut following the August 4th, 2020 explosion. The city was like a war zone and there were serious injuries that needed to be treated urgently among the general population. The CBRN teams had to assume victims were infected with the virus, and special measures had to be in place to not worsen the pandemic during an already extraordinarily challenging situation.  


Chief Stefania Fiore on mission in Beirut.
Chief Stefania Fiore on mission in Beirut. 


Stefania Fiore is a senior officer in the Italian National Fire and Rescue Service, and in particular she is the National Coordinator of the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) emergency response, working in the Central Directorate for Emergency.

Chief Fiore has a wide experience in national and international emergency management, as the CBRN and USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) team leader.

From 2018 to 2020s she was seconded in European Commission - DG ECHO, as national expert, dealing with the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

On April 22, Stefania Fiore will be a part of our free online CTIF Seminar "Fire, Rescue and New Challenges", which will focus on the challenges of fire services around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.  


The Italian CBRN team.
The Italian CBRN team

THURSDAY 22nd APRIL 2021 at 10am UTC (12am CET) ONLINE ZOOM  

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Time UTC                Topic                                                                              Presenter        
10:00    -    10:10    Introduction                                                                   CTIF president        
10:10    -    10:40    COVID - Challenges for Fire Service in Japan          FA Japan        
10:40    -    11:10    COVID - Challenges for Fire Service in Belgium       Lisa Legros      
11:10    -    11:40    COVID - Challenges for Fire Service in USA              Don Lombardi  

11:40    -    12:00    Break            

12:00    -    12:30    Italian CBRN team in Lebanon after Beirut blast    Stefania Fiore        
12:30    -    13:00    Wildfire threats to critical infrastructure                  Hannes Kern 

13:00    -    13:20    LNG defuelling testing done in Iveco Turin              Marco Aimo Boot        
13:20    -    13:30    Closing of webinar                                                       CTIF president