The 1966 flood in Venice. Photo: Wikipedia
14 Nov 2019

Severe floods in Venice - two dead


A state of Emergency has been declared in the historic city of Venice, which was recently hit by floods and severe storms.

The mayor says that climate change is behind it.

“Tidal water of 187 centimeters is a wound that leaves indelible traces. Now the government must listen, ”writes Luigi Brugnaro.

St. Mark's Square is under a meter of water and the floods in Venice are said to be the worst in fifty years.

Even last year there were floods in Venice, but the even higher water level combined with severe weather makes the situation particularly difficult.


Died when the water became electric

“We ask the government for help, the costs will be high. These are the effects of climate change. Tomorrow the schools will be closed in Venice and the islands ”stated the mayer.

Two people have died in their homes during the night in connection with inclement weather on the island of Pellestrina in southern Venice, Corriere della Sera writes.

In one case, a 78-year-old allegedly died because the water in the flooded house came in contact with electricity.

"A hurricane in our beautiful city"

The flood is referred to as the most severe since 1966, when the water level reached 194 centimeters.

" But the situation cannot be compared. In addition to the high tide, this time we had a hurricane in our beautiful city", says hotel owner Niccolò Bortoluzzi to Swedish Dagens Nyheter.


Cover Photo: (above) From the 1966 Venice flood. Photo by Wikipedia Commons