CTIF youth games in Martigny, Switzerland, 2019. Photo by Björn Ulfsson / CTIF News
20 Aug 2019

The ​​​​​​​2021 (now 2022!) CTIF Games will be hosted by Slovenia


In 2021 the Slovenian city of Celje will host the 17th International Fire Brigade Competitions, popularly called the Firefighting Olympics, when around 3,000 competitors from at least 29 countries are expected. to arrive.




The 2021 competitions will involve both adult and youth firefighters and is therefor an event which is expected to draw large crowds of spectators. The 2021 Games are as always organized by the International Association of Fire Services (CTIF), whose representatives from Germany, Austria and Italy have been in Celje to inspect the venues and accommodation capacities.

Celje Mayor Bojan Šrot said on the occasion that the city would be a good host for the event, as it is capable of organizing large competitions. The city has adequate infrastructure and is looking forward to 2021, the Celje Municipality said in a press release.

Franci Petek, the head of the Slovenian Association of Firefighters, said that around 3,000 competitors from at least 29 countries and several thousands of spectators were expected to bring a true Olympic spirit to Celje in 2021.

Celje Logo“Firefighting competitions are not only part of the educational process and testing of the preparedness of units … but it is also an excellent method to acquire young staff,” the municipality said.

It said that the 150-year tradition of firefighting in Slovenia deserved to be promoted, adding that Slovenian firefighters were recognized in Europe and beyond by their great results in competitions.

Cover Photo: (Björn Ulfsson / CTIF): From the CTIF Youth Games in Switzerland 2019.