Marseille building collaps.
06 Nov 2018

10 missing in collapsed buildings in central Marseille


At least 10 people are missing after several buildings collapse in central Marseille, France. Two multi-storey houses in central Marseille collapsed at nine o'clock on monday morning. In one house, nine of twelve apartments were inhabited, according to Le Figaro. The other building was empty.

At least ten people are missing. Among other things, a mom has seen entering one of the houses after leaving her children in school, the French channel 3 states.

The rescue service has been searching intensively for people who may have been buried during the masses during the day. 100 police officers and 80 firefighters participated in the rescue work on Monday evening, according to France 3.

"The most important thing is that we find as few deceased as possible, ," said Jean-Claude Gaudin, Mayor of Marseille to France 3.

The search for survivors will last all night and the rescue effort is estimated to take several days.

Two people who passed by the houses by foot were allegedly injured slightly.

Third building collapsed

Several people who were in the neighboring houses evacuated during the day.

"The buildings in Marseille are leaning against each other so we do not want to take any risks," says Mayor Julien Ruas to Le Figaro.

At 17 o'clock on Monday, the rescue department deliberately revived a third building. According to Figaro, the building threatened to collaps on top of the rescue workers and collapsed to "75 percent upon themselves" according to the rescue service.

The property was uninhabited since 2012, Figaro writes.

The buidings, which are close to the harbour in the center of Marseille, were in poor condition, but why they collapsed are still unclear. According to Jean-Claude Gaudin, the heavy rain that effected France in recent days might be the cause.

The people forced to evacuate have been invited to go to the town hall for assistance with overnight accommodation.

At 21 o'clock in the evening, Marseilles had begun lighting candles for those missing on Rue d'Aubagne where the buidings collapsed.

"Marseille has suffered and Marseille is still suffering," said France president Emmanuel Macron during a press conference on Monday.

The president also commented on the tragedy on Twitter.

"Have Solidarity with our compatriots in Marseille", writes Emmanuel Macron on Twitter.