A street has collapsed in Italy. Photo: Screen shot from the BBC video clip
05 Nov 2018

At least 30 dead in Italian storms

The death toll from the severe storms that have been raging last week in Italy continue to rise.  The situation has been described as the worst weather related disaster in Italy in 50 years.

On the outskirts of Palermo, Sicily, nine people were found dead in a flooded residential building, reports the Italian news agency Ansa.

Among the victims of the villa, even children, according to Ansa. Three people survived, two of them left the house to go out and buy sweets.

Another man died in the floods in Palermo, when the car he traveled with another man was overcome by water from the San Leonardo River. The passenger managed to save himself.

In total, at least 30 people have been confirmed dead in the severe storms and persistent rains that hit Italy last week. Falling trees, lightning strikes and sudden flash floods are some of the causes of death. The water and the wind are believed to have caused millions in damages, according to Reuters news agency.

Among the hardest hit areas are Sicily and the northern Italian port of Genoa with the surrounding area. The picturesque fishing village of Portofino outside of Genoa is partly cut off from the outside world since a road collapsed, which means that anyone who wants to get there or from there is confined to travel by sea.

In nearby Rapallo, luxury boats have been washed up on land. Images published by Italian media show the brutality and desolation along the promenade in the otherwise idyllic seaside resort.