Csreen shot Greek fires
06 Aug 2018

Fire chiefs, police chiefs and politicians in Greece leave their jobs after catastrophic wildfire in 2021

The heads of Greece's national police and rescue service have left their jobs after the fatal fire that ravaged the coastal town of Mati east of Athens on July 23.

The videos above show the extent of the devastation after the wildfire, which has been called the deadliest in Europe  during modern times.

Several high executives responsible for civic protection in Greece have now either resigned, or been forced to leave their jobs, according to international media. The deputy chiefs may take over the posts until further notice, according to a statement by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipra's office.

The statement said nothing about the catastrophe in Mati, which the government was criticized for. The fire took 90 lives, and many people are still being treated in hospitals. Several of them are still in critical condition.

On Friday, the Greek Minister for Social Protection, Nikos Toskas, resigned.