CTIF Executive Committee meeting in Las Vegas June 13 - 2018
13 Jun 2018

The CTIF Executive Committee meeting for DA 2018 at Luxor, Las Vegas


CTIF President Tore Eriksson at Executive Committee in Las Vegas 2018.
CTIF President Tore Eriksson, Sweden, at Executive Commission in Las Vegas June 13, 2018. Photo: Bjorn Ulfsson / CTIF

After a full day of mingling at the NFPA Conference and Expo, and attending many interesting Education Session lectures, the yearly CTIF Executive Committee Meeting started on Wednesday morning at Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Among the topics discussed during the day were New Statutes & Regulations 2017, the cooperation with Spain and Russia, the DA and Youth Games 2019 and also DA 2020.

By CTIF Communications Coordinator Bjorn Ulfsson


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CTIF General Secretary Michel Bour at the Executive Committee 2018.
CTIF General Secretary Michel Bour at the Executive Committee 2018.

Other topics of discussion were the proposed start of an Indoor Firefighting Group or Commission, a new IT Commission, renewal and restructuring of Commission Europe, the Health Commission and the Forest Fires Commission.

President Tore Eriksson brought up the importance and challenge of sharing knowledge and procedures in indoor firefighting that is both correct and also easy to understand for all firefighters, without the need for excessive fire theory. The purpose of the commission would be to set standards, recommendations and produce instructional material, videos, text and Multi Media, free of charge world wide.


CTIF Secretary Neza Strmoli and CTIF Treasurer Marc Mamer at the Executive Committee Meeting in Las Vegas 2018.
CTIF Secretary Neža Strmole and CTIF Treasurer Marc Mamer at the Executive Committee Meeting in Las Vegas 2018.





Tom Van Esbroeck speaking at the CTIF Executive Committee 2018.
Tom Van Esbroeck speaking at the CTIF Executive Committee 2018.


Worldwide impact in the field of Extrication & New Vehicles

In addition to the regular agenda, Extrication & New Technology Chair Tom Van Esbroeck was invited to hold a presentation about CTIF´s cooperation with EuroNCap and the ISO standardization of vehicles.

Tom also elaborated on the work-in-progress program and schedule for the 2018 CTIF Fire, Rescue & New Challenges seminar planned for November 9th and 10th in Brussels.  


CTIF Special Project Adviser Dennis Davis at Executive Commission 2018.
CTIF Special Project Adviser Dennis Davis and Mario Starčević at Executive Commission 2018.

Communications & Video Projects

Communications Coordinator Bjorn Ulfsson was also invited by the President to hold a short presentation about the Communications Project within CTIF, the recently rebuilt website and the efforts to boost news stories from within the Commissions, from the Member Nations, Associate Members and other areas touched by CTIF´s field of expertise.

During the Delegates Assembly, a portable video studio will be set up to conduct personal interviews with Executive Members for the purposes of creating "digital portraits" covering members´ professional backgrounds, role / goals in CTIF and heartfelt issues within their field of expertise.

For those who can not attend - throughout the rest of the year - individual Chair Persons will be contacted to do similar interviews - and for those who chose - with each commission member. We are also looking at technical solutions for remote interviewing by Skype and telephone.

Mira Leionen, Chair for The Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue, has already started to conduct personal interviews with most of their commission members. The result of these will be published on during the summer.


Grand Opening for Delegates Assembly Thursday Evening

On Thursday evening North American Pacific Time, the Grand Opening Dinner for the Delegates Assembly will commence, and that´s when all delegates will attend for the first time for this year´s DA. Stay tuned for coverage of that event!


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Attending delegates and guests at Executive Committee were:

Tore Eriksson, President

Michel Bour, General Secretary

Marc Mamer, Treasurer

Mario Starčević

Don Bliss, Vice President

Ole Hansen, Vice President

Zdenek Nytra, Vice President

Ante Sanader , Vice President

Dennis Davis, Senior Project Adviser

Hubert Vetter, Vice President

 - Neža Strmole, Staff Secretary

- Bjorn Ulfsson, Communications Coordinator

- Tom Van Esbroeck (guest speaker from Extrication & New Technology Commission)


CTIF Executive Committee in Las Vegas, 2018.


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