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06 Jun 2018

100 firefighters dispatched to large hospital fire in Denmark


A fire has broken out at the hospital in Denmark, Holbæk, reports DR Sjaelland. Nearly one hundred firefighters are working to fight the fire, which has spread to over a 5,000 square meter area, but is now under control.

The fire occurred during the night in a laundry department and then spread to storage facilities and a management building. However, no patients have been injured and the hospital generally works as usual after a few hours of emergency cases during the night.

The aftermath extinguishing is expected to go on until Thursday.

"The fire started in the laundry room, and then spread to a team and another building. Damage to the buildings is extensive, says Deputy Chief, Lasse E. Hansen, to BT.

About 80 firemen and 20 fire trucks were intially sent on Wednesday to Holbæk Hospital on the island of Sjaelland in Denmark. The call came in just before midnight.

There are no data about any personal injury, but the fire spread and covered 5,000 square meters. In total, four buildings have burnt down and collapsed.

"At three o'clock at night the fire was under control, but we expect the extinguishing work to continue on all Wednesday and Thursday," says Lasse E. Hansen to BT.

Knut Borch-Johnsen, Deputy Director and Chief Officer at Holbæk Hospital, was called 23.39 during the night, and was informed of the situation.

"This is the message one fears most to receive," he told Denmark's Radio.

He assures that the fire does not have any consequences for the patients, as the buildings where it burned are far away from the departments and all patients have always been out of danger.

The hospital is in full operation, despite the heavy fire.

However, the staff lacks a complete overview of how deliveries will be made to the hospital in the next few days.

- At present, there are some deliveries that will not be implemented. If it will have consequences for patients, I do not dare to comment on right now, says Knut Borch-Johnsen.