Three firefighters being trained by an instructor in nozzle technique.
05 Jan 2018

New Fire Behavior Group to start in 2018


As of Fall 2017, CTIF is actively seeking members to start a Structural Firefighting Group, and if all goes well, legendary Swedish pioneer Mats Rosander will be an honorary member of this important new commission.


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By Bjorn Ulfsson / CTIF NEWS

"Structural Firefighting is, in so many ways, the backbone of all firefighting, and therefore part of the backbone of CTIF. We have done very good work over the years in the fields of Forest Firefighting, Firefighting at Airports, Fire Prevention, and so many other fields relating to firefighting, but we have been lacking in that we never had an actual Commission focused on the theory and practice of Structural Firefighting" , says mr Tore Eriksson, President of CTIF since 2012.

CTIF has always, through its members, possessed great knowledge in Structural Firefighting. However,  in recent years, many  of CTIF's most engaged members have been focusing on more specialized work in Hazardous Materials, Extrication and Fire Prevention.

"I am very happy to see a renewed interest in members going back to our core knowledge. So many around the world need a better understanding of Fire Behavior, both theoretically and practically, and CTIF is the perfect vehicle to spread that knowledge, because we have the potential to reach so many people around the world", says Tore Eriksson.

Part of the mission of the Structural Firefighting Commission will be to bring the knowledge of Fire Behavior to the common firefighter, especially to those who may not have the resources to learn any other way:

"Smoke is fuel, and the fact that understanding and learning to read smoke is vital to staying safe while fighting structural fires, is still unknown knowledge in many parts of the world. If CTIF can help bring an understanding of fire Gas Cooling techniques, Closed Compartment Fire Behavioral Training and a better understanding of Fire Behavior in general, in a simple way without getting stuck in complicated debates on terms and definitions, then we have achieved a great goal" according to Eriksson. 

It is so far not determined who exactly will be the Head of the new commission, but it is likely that Poland will be an important country in the forming of the new commission.

Swedish gas cooling and CFBT pioneer Mats Rosander has informally been invited to participate as an honorary member of the Commission, both to contribute with his knowledge and experience, and also as a token to his and the late Krister Giselssons's outstanding contribution to Fire Science in the early 1970s and 1980s.

The forming of the new Structural Firefighting Commission is planned for early 2018.

By: Bjorn Ulfsson, CTIF Communications Coordinator