Zhongxiao Fire Online Technology and Consulting Co Ltd

Zhongxiao Fire Online Technology and Consulting Co Ltd

Life Security Platform - Internet + Fire New Integrated Services Platform

In the online was established in 2016, is China's first to "Internet +" mode of thinking to build the industry integrated resource integrated fire service platform. Committed to fire Safety publicity, to provide enterprises with one-stop fire service: technical advice, solutions and training courses. 2017, the elimination of online technology in Hangzhou set up, mainly engaged in the Eliminate the platform, the elimination of APP and the wisdom of fire, Internet of things and other high-tech development and research, docking and the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced fire technology and products.

In the consumer online to serve the community, serving the public for the purpose of popularizing fire common sense, enhance the awareness of the whole people fire, improve self-defense self-help ability, the future we will achieve in the rescue Aid, the new model of the whole people to rescue, we bring together large industry data, the advantages of integration of industrial chain resources, to do a true sense of life security platform!

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