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Response Simulator (RS)  is a full-suite virtual training platform built in collaboration with safety and security experts. It immerses users in a realistic 3D environment in which almost any scenario can be simulated. 

This allows training to take place whenever and wherever, bypassing the high costs and dangers associated with practical training.

VR scenario

The system can be used in the following settings:


  • Classroom training Via Projector

  • 1 on 1 training Via standard display

  • VR Multi-trainee training Via standard display or VR


Who can train with Response Simulator?

  • Designed for use by Fire, Police, Medical & Security personnel, RS caters to the entire chain of command.
  • For occasional users using simple single computer setups, through to advanced operators using multiple networked computers, or “on-the-go” teaching
  • For improvised simple scenarios through to scripted complex scenarios


VR Scenario

How does Response Simulator work?


An immersive training with Response Simulator often involves three simple steps:

Create your scenario using a large and diverse range of environments and content. Train in your scenario where trainee(s) freely move, observe, then react by commanding response strategies, whilst the Instructor modifies the scenario on the fly in response to trainee commands.Use push-to-talk radio simulation to communicate and commands and information, then leverage a range of easy-to-use tools to execute detailed scripted responses and live-unscripted responses. Debrief your training session, where all actions and verbal communication have been recorded for in-depth analysis and assessment of trainee performance.



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