SwissPhone  - Secure Alerting and Efficient Communication

Swissphone Telecom AG - Alerting Networks

SwissphoneSwissphone stands for Secure Alerting and Efficient Communication.

We build reliable digital radio paging alerting networks adapted to your needs – on a local, regional or national scale. Our core business is reliably transmitting information to responsible personnel, be it for alerting, notification, searching or informing.

We produce robust pagers, design secure alerting networks and develop innovative software solutions. Our products and solutions support each and every stage of the alerting chain, from triggering an emergency call to coordination in the control centre right through to the transmission of alerts over the network and to the pagers.

Our digital alerting networks fulfill your requirements, from individual local base stations through to national, efficient radio paging networks. You can use our alerting networks to alert, search, inform and notify. Our networks are quick, reliable and secure as well as economical in terms of development, operation and maintenance.