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SAFER Systems - The right Response to a Chemical Emergency.

Safer One


SAFER One® integrates with multiple chemical gas and meteorological sensors as well as other data sources to create single monitoring platform with an intuitive graphic user interface for the facility.

Respond to chemical incidents anywhere, anytime, faster, and smarter than ever before. Monitor, Model, and Mitigate Chemical Incidents in Real-Time.

SAFER One is the first real-time cloud based emergency chemical response solution, allowing for collaboration of users across the entire organization, remote response, scenario and user management within a single integrated, real-time platform.

First Responders know that time is critical – especially during a toxic release incident, where minutes saved in response time can mean the difference between life and death. SAFER One HR is designed to streamline incident and asset deployments with a few clicks of a button – giving Incident Commanders immediate access to both portable gas detection devices like AreaRAE and portable met station assets – all in a simple to use, browser-based interface.

Integrated Platform: The facility layout is superimposed on Google Map® with live-traffic and internet weather integrated to provide a real-time situational snapshot of the facility. In case of a chemical release the patented dispersion model is rendered on the map screen allowing for easier coordination of evacuation or shelter in place tactics for the surrounding community.

Systematic Approach For Emergency Response (SAFER) Systems® was formed in 1981, pioneering new modeling and integration solutions for chemical processing facilities. The chemical dispersion modeling and emergency management and response solutions quickly helped SAFER Systems to find a market for its products. The 1984 tragedy in Bhopal, India, that claimed thousands of lives, left many more injured, and raised global awareness of the dangers associated with processes that involve hazardous chemicals. The next three decades of innovation and integration saw SAFER Systems®, design and deploy dozens of products for a variety of industries and organizations.

Today, SAFER Systems® is the global technology leader in integrated real-time chemical emergency management solutions. SAFER Systems® provides solutions that help facilities plan, prepare and protect the lives, property and the environment in and around chemical processing facilities. Our solutions include products that enable detailed PSM/PHA processes to enhance compliance reporting and risk assessment as well as a real-time monitoring and dispersion modeling platform. Additional integration with live Google Maps®, traffic and internet weather only further expand the safety of the site and its surroundings. SAFER Systems® integrates multiple chemical sensors, weather stations and other pertinent inputs in a single monitoring platform with an intuitive graphic user interface. Additionally, SAFER Systems® holds multiple patents on chemical dispersion modeling, combustion analysis and particulate dispersion models.

In case of emergency SAFER Systems® solutions are capable of early detection alarms and dynamic real-time modeling of the chemical release; providing the best real-time decision support to emergency and HazMat personnel. The modeling solutions include core patented modules that allow for one-click leak source location, estimation of the rate of the chemical release as well as the prediction of the direction and speed with which the chemical release is dispersing. Additional mobile integration with the SAFER Mobile Response™ (SMR) App allow for mobile communication and collaboration between first responders and site safety staff. All the chemical sensor and weather station data is available for review at any time, allowing for post incident review, compliance reporting, safety process optimization and litigation support.

SAFER Systems®’ scalable, state-of-the-art solutions are founded on years of academic research, accepted scientific principles, dozens of patented technologies and decades of in the field experience. Using SAFER Systems® products, industries and organizations that manufacture, process, store or transport hazardous materials can better estimate the associated risks, thoroughly prepare for the possibility of a hazardous chemical release and quickly determine the best ways to mitigate those risks, when responding to an actual emergency. The scalable nature of SAFER products means they work equally well for private industrial solutions and public municipal, state, and national solutions.

SAFER Systems® products further complemented by the engineering and technical support services, that ensure customers receive the highest possible protection and support in implementing their SAFER solutions. An array of support services is available, they include custom engineering, technical support and customized training. Our engineers are some of the best at what they do, with decades of experience they are responsible for the initial site survey and solution proposal, annual audits, maintenance operations and custom consulting. The technical support team is constantly training with sensor manufacturers and our science and development team to offer expert support and service to our clients. Initial and recurring training for new clients and new users, with current customers, ensures that our clients are getting the most out of their solution.

The company’s growing international customer base includes many of the Global Fortune 500 chemical and oil companies, Class 1 railroads in North America, private and public sector Hazmat/Fire/First Response organizations—including departments located in U.S. cities and states and Canadian Provinces, as well as civil defense agencies in several countries—and independent government agencies like the NRC.

Headquartered in Westlake Village, California, SAFER Systems®‘ goal is to continue to provide the GO TO solutions for real-time chemical monitoring and emergency response management, through innovation and integration of next-generation technologies. With SAFER Systems® patented solutions, our customers can detect leaks earlier, identify their location, estimate the rate of chemical release and model where the release is headed, how fast its moving and who’s in danger.