Hellenic Volunteer Firefighter Association

The Hellenic Voluntary Firefighters Association

The Hellenic Volunteers Firefighters Association was founded in 2008 with the purpose of representing and promoting Greek Volunteer Firefighters nationally and internationally in an effort for Greece to reach the level of most modern and developed countries where volunteer firefighters are accepted and welcomed by citizens and government authorities.

Contact: Serafeim Tsiougkris, president / info@vfu.gr 

The Greek Volunteer Firefighters were established by law in 1991 and today are covered by the provisions of 4029/2011 Law and are staff of the Hellenic Fire Service.

The aims of the Association as they are also reported in the statute are:  

a.      The safeguarding, defence, aid, consolidation and modernisation of the institution of the  volunteer fire fighter & volunteers who serve in Fire Stations, in Firefighting Units, or in other services of the Fire Brigade.

b.      To increase the prestige and significance of volunteer fire fighters, the enhancement of their value and the promotion of their importance and contribution of the volunteer firefighter institution within the Fire Brigade.   

c.      The protection, safeguarding, study and promotion of the related institutional interests of its members and their legal rights. 

d.      The contribution to the improvement of volunteer fire fighters on all levels, to insure growth of the organisation of volunteer fire fighters in the Fire Brigade and to upgrade their education and training in order to insure achievement of their mission, for the benefits of the public as a whole.

e.      The growth of solidarity and mutualism and the tightening of bonds among volunteer fire fighters and permanent and seasonal employees of the Fire Brigade as well as  among Greek citizens. 

 f.      Providing information and briefing of responsible bodies and institutions and more generally of the public on the problems that its members face.  

g.      The sensitization of public opinion on the protection of the environment, the maintenance of ecological balance and environmental awareness.

h.      The safety of citizens and the protection of their properties against the dangers of fire, floods and all kinds of natural and technological disasters.


The Hellenic Volunteers Firefighters Association has also been an International Member of the National Volunteer Fire Council of the U.S.A. since 2013