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Learn how to fight fires in safe, realistic, dynamic virtual environments with Fully immersive VR learning solutions for training in hazardous and emergency situations.

FLAIM Trainer™ combines high fidelity virtual fire environments with real time physical interfaces to deliver the feels real virtual training experience, any place, any time in a safe cost effective manner that safely prepares firefighters for the risks associated with fighting fires.

Proper skills and early response to fire saves lives

FLAIM Extinguisher immerses trainees in virtual reality, delivering a realistic simulation of a range of fire events to efficiently train first responders.


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Backed by 10 years of hardware and software research at the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation research institute at Deakin University

The fire models created by FLAIM use real physics principles. They run at impressive virtual reality frame rates that eliminate motion sickness that can be experienced when VR is done poorly.

FLAIM’s team models not just the visual environment but also the burning and reaction of materials to fire - meaning that the way the fire progresses in our environments and mimics how it would move and respond to fire suppressants in the real world.

The fire behaviour in our immersive environments applies the dynamics of fire, water, smoke, heat and foam.

We've developed these environments based on fire research shared by our global partners so that what a trainee experiences in our immersive training environment is what they would face in the same scenario in real life.


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