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Electrolux Professional’s mission is “Making our customers’ work life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day.”


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Electrolux Professional Group is one of the leading global providers of food service, beverage, and laundry solutions, serving a wide range of customers globally, in 110 Countries.


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The company focuses on solutions where there is a need for high-performing, reliable equipment, with significant aftermarket requirements over the equipment lifecycle and where customers are focused on productivity and total cost of ownership.

The Business Areas
Electrolux Professional has two business areas – Food & Beverage and Laundry.
Food & Beverage provides a wide range of equipment for professional cooking and beverage.


Electrolux washers and workers

Laundry provides a wide range of equipment for professional laundry operations. In addition to their product offerings, aftermarket services are provided to customers throughout the equipment lifecycle.



Firefighters face an even more formidable enemy than flames and smoke inhalation.

Their uniform is their shield – but if it is not cleaned properly, cancer-causing toxins can build up inside the layers and threaten the firefighter’s health.

Line 6000 washer


Electrolux Professional has found a way to remove most of the residual toxins, far surpassing the results of the standard washing procedure.

Line 6000 Washers offer a good selection of sizes and options to meet all needs.



Pullman washer


With Barrier washers an effective separation between loading and unloading phases is assured. Dirty garments are loaded on one side of the machine, while the clean laundry is safely unloaded in a separate clean area.

► Always peace of mind with Hygiene Watchdog. This unique feature ensures that the wash program is brought to completion before allowing the washer to be unloaded on the clean side.



Drying solutions designed for emergency services protect impregnated clothing.

The program used by Electrolux Professional high-efficiency drying cabinet re-activates the impregnated layer and keeps firefighting kits fit for purpose for the maximum protection time.

► Best drying result with specially designed airing hangers: they facilitate the flow of air, as warm air is blown first through the hangers straight into the garment and then around the outside.


PPE Washer


Personal Protecting Equipment (PPE) Washer decontaminates masks, helmets, boots, and hoses to protect firefighters from cancer.

It washes and sanitizes protective personal equipment in steel, composite, rubber, fabric, plastic etc from oily substances, residues of combustion gases, toxins, and other highly hazardous substances.