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Aircraft rescue and firefighting training from ARFF-SERVICES GmbH with mobile aircraft mock-up.
Aircraft rescue and firefighting training from ARFF-SERVICES GBMH with a mobile aircraft mock-up. 

ARFF-SERVICES GBMH provides training, consulting and services for aircraft rescue, firefighting and recovery.

We train and advise airports of all sizes, from regional ones to major hubs.

As a company specialised in ARFF topics, we know everything about international regulations (e.g. ICAO, EASA) and can support in any kind of processes or audits.

With our unique mobile fire simulator, airport fire departments can train flexibly and cost-effectively at their location and with their own equipment. The modular design guarantees exactly the conditions that are required to train airport fire brigades optimally and, most importantly, in a realistic fashion. 

We offer standard courses in aircraft rescue and firefighting (basic and refresher), as well as tailored courses based on the customer's individual requirements.

ARFF-SERVICES GBMH was founded in 2020 in Leipzig, Germany, and is led by a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in firefighting, training and aviation. Our expertise helps you to achieve more safety in your company. We not only prepare you for an emergency, but also support you with our experience in the daily challenges of fire services.

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