ISO vehicle propulsion symbols
04 Nov 2020

The ISO 17840 standard for firefighters - Markings and Rescue information for all vehicle types



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Firefighter helmet symbol artREAD MORE NEWS ABOUT THE CTIF ISO 17840 STANDARD

The standard ISO 17840 is now finalized and can be used worldwide by public transport sector, fire and rescue services, automotive and heavy duty vehicle sector. 

With the aim to increase the safety for citizens as well as first and second responders in case of vehicle fires/accidents, the International Association of Fire and Rescue Service (CTIF) has created an international standard to give information to first and second responders. This is especially important in the advent of new propulsion systems and alternative fuels being used in vehicles, which may not always be visible from the outside.

1. “Symbols”  indicating which propulsion energy is used and where tanks, batteries, etc. are located in the vehicle;  

2. “Rescue sheets” (quick info about the construction of the vehicle) used by first and second responders;

3. “Emergency response guides” containing in-depth information (with the same headlines as the rescue sheets).